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rockandrose15's Journal

15th February, 2008. 11:48 pm. wow, this movie called the MIST!

This movie was really good, But omg i just really have alot to say about it.

First the movie was GREAT!
There were this farther & son: There last name was Drayton. (so if i say Drayton thats the farther, and if i say Draytons it means the Son & farther.)

The Draytons where at the market for supples from the storm the night before.
Standing by in shock when a bloodied man bursts in yelling murder and mayhem most foul. Something or someone seems to have snatched up another man, sucking this lost soul into the fast-creeping, swallowing mist.
There was this women who talked about the LORD 24/7. I WANTED TO KILL HER!
Soon after she said that someone is going to die that night. Most people started to believe her. There were 8 people that got out of the place and drove off. It was the Draytons that left, and others.
But only 5 people made it to the car in time, before this thing in the mist eat them.
They drove until the Drayton car ran out of gas. They made it pretty far.
They had a gun in the car.
Well they all decide to shoot them self. Well there where only 4 bolts & 5 people.
Drayton did not shoot himself. So he went outside in the mist waiting to be killed, but then the army came thru. If they all waited like 10mins they could of lived.
They mist cleared. They said the mist was from the army's messed up & things got into are world.
If i was Drayton, I would not be able to live with myself. This is because i killed my son, & friends of mine.

So the movie was omg wonderful! but some parts made me so mad.
well thats all for tonight. Goodnight, Sweetdreams to all.
Kisses *smack* *smack*
love always

Current mood: shocked.

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11th December, 2007. 9:11 pm. What Do You Have To Say? - My Favorite Winter Activity

What is your favorite winter activity?

My favorite thing to do when its snowing... Is to go sledding!
I go sledding with my brother & friends here up to this hill & sled.
But then after we always have a big snowball fight!

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10th December, 2007. 6:23 pm. well life so far!

Idk this weekend went ok i guess. i spent it with my boyfriend.
But i feel like family dont care anymore. Like my dad!
I sent him a text saying "I love you, Im sry i haven't been around but i wanted you to kno that"
He sent one back saying "Yeah, Right"
I was really hurt by that. Then last night i didn't feel good & i need medicine. So i asked my dad for money to get some. & he just said no i dont have money.
So my older brother got me some!

Just look now my dad took my step mom out to dinner! yeah right like he didn't have money!
Today just been horrible, because first i got in a fight with boyfriend in 4th block. & it really sucked!
Work was long & boring. Well thats all i have to say so goodnight & goodbye!

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30th October, 2007. 3:23 pm. Life so far?

So i haven't wrote here cuz i have been stressing.
Well like on saturday night at 1am my mother had a heart attack again. That was scary again but then again i really didn't worried much. I didn't feel alone at all cuz i had my boyfriend there for me. He helped me threw that. Most of the time when my mom gets sick i end up breaking up with someone or having no one around. But this time i had someone.

I just kno one of these days my mom is gonna die & im going to be alone inside.
I feel the pain now. I wish i could do everything to not let that happen.

Well anyways lets move on. Well this term im taking drive ed! woh!
I get to drive really, really, really soon. Did i say really?
Yep i get my permit Thursday, so watch out! Oh then guess wat else i found out today?
Im working at the YMCA & i'll have money thank god.
Im gonna try to save a lil for things i need. Well im going to go & do my homework.
Love you all!


Current mood: going a lil bit crazy.

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10th October, 2007. 3:12 pm. Im so happy!

So its been about 3 days since Me & Travis has been going out!
I'm trying to keep this relationship to work so bad, Cuz i really like him & he likes me too!
I just meet his friends & they said they like me because I'm not all Gothic & shit!
Well we see each other like all day long.
We have 1st block together, Then I walk him to his 2nd block cuz I'm so nice!
We have lunch together so I hang with him there!
Then he walks me to my 3rd block & then after that we walk to the commons because he has to caught a bus for a class!
Then after that he walks me to my bus!
He is so sweet to me.
I hope this relationship works, the only reason why i haven't dated for awhile is because i cant stand getting hurt. Really, I don't think he want to see me hurt ever.
Well thats it! I'm going to go & listen to music Love you all!

Current mood: cheerful.

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7th October, 2007. 12:31 pm. Homecomming night!

Homecomming was fun! i loved it.
First, we went to dinner! that was fun.
Finally we got to the dance. I meet up with someone, a guy of course.
Well we danced most of the night & talked.
I had so much fun with him. I think we might end up hooking up. Im glad hehe
But at the end of the dance Kayla was mad at me because i couldn't find her. idk..

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9th September, 2007. 10:24 am. LIFE again!

Lets see, Mom might go back to Thom.
that means my dad & step mom will end up kickin her out. I have to decide if i wanna stay with my Dad Or Mom?
I have been trying to stay on tract with my school work this year. But if this happens i'll have to try harder & harder.
I realize its hard doing this without a best friend. Cuz i have no one to talk to right now.
I kinda have to deal with it myself. I mean school has been really different this year.
I haven't really made any good friends. But there are some but still.
Really there is one person that i told myself i wouldn't talk to is the only one right now.
This is wat happens He goes thru shit & then i do at the same time so we both talk about everything.
You guys dont kno how fucked up my life is..but My sister knows a lil but still.
I cant talk anymore
Love ya

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3rd September, 2007. 7:37 pm. why?

I have been missing someone i kno i shouldn't!
He keeps comming back to my mind. I want him out of my mind.
I tried so hard. But somehow he shows up in my dreams out of nowhere???
If you dont kno who im talking about already Well his name Is MARKIE!
I wanna be done. cuz all he does is say he loves me & i fall for it.. then get hurt once again.

If you kno how bad it feels getting hurt. I think the reason why he keeps comming back is because i wanna be loved by someone.... & i can only turn to him for love. But really i need to find someone else that makes me Happy & loves me for who i am.
I just had to speak my mind cuz its driving me crazy right now. All day & most of tonight!
well its dinner time i guess.
maybe school will get him out of my head??

love you all who are reading.

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31st August, 2007. 3:43 pm. So... School!

Well school has started out great!
Like i meet some new friends so thats kool.
It was different starting a new school...but everyone have to try something new, If you kno wat i mean?

My classes are easy but Drama! Its easy to get a A but you have to get up infront of the class all the time! & knoing me.. I dont like that lol
Im a shy person but lets see if this changes me.

My last class i have so many freshman! & they think they are so kool. It drives me crazy...
well im gone later


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16th August, 2007. 8:05 am. ok....

SO yesterday i went to this thing for new student & i looked around the school.
IT looks Ten times biggger inside!
idk how im gonna do this.
i'll find a way idk?
but last night after that i went out to eat with my friends from small group.
Brittney, katie, janae,Ashley & Megan!
we all had a great time. all hyper & stuff.

Right now i think i should date for awhile but i feel so lonely.. I wish i didn't.
Its like 8am i have been up since 4am wow!
ok i'm done talking bye!

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